The Austin Chronicle/Statesman
Oui Be Negroes Big Stinkin 4 Review 99

Soulful laughter
The Austin American Statesman
The Paramount Theatre
Tuesday April 6 1999

Moments of the "Big Stinkin' Soul & Comedy Review," the African American showcase at the Paramount Theatre on Tuesday, resembled services in a black Baptist church, full of music and the sounds of gleeful rejoicing. The evening started off a bit slowly, but Oui Be Negroes from Chicago worked hard to pick up the pace. They introduced themselves as a musical group, each performer an instrument, providing both ensemble and improvisational solos as if in a jazz combo. .

- Byrd

The Austin Chronicle Review
The Velveeta Room
April 9th 1999

Oui Be Negroes, a Chicago-based group, was back for its third straight fest. Composed of five black actors and a token white man, the Negroes put on a high-energy set blending sketch and improvised comedy…... the cast's strong acting and enthusiasm made for an entertaining set. My particular favorites were a Negroes at the Opera sketch and a Stand-up Slave routine.

-J.C. Shakespeare