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Absolute Negritude Robin Williams 2000

Wednesday, October 25th 2000
Buzz Town
Beth Lisik

--And the celeb-sightings are flooding in!  Here is the rundown:  It seems the friendly actor took in the comedy stylings of sketch group  Oui Be Negroes at the Bayfront Theatre, along with Robin Williams , (who jumped up for something that was described to me as an "improv jam") and then they all went out for tequila shots at the Buchanan Gar and grill.

Friday, October 27th 2000

--The Buchanan Grill is the place to catch the movie-star-studded cast of Sam Shepard's play The Late Henry Moss, rehearsing at the nearby Magic Theatre. Cast member

Woody Harrelson and pal Robin Williams came in with the improv troupe Oui Be Negroes. Everyone went around the table and talked about the first thing he did in theater. Harrelson is very interested in improv techniques. Don't know if he thinks they might loosen him up onstage --or if he's considering improvising his lines.