Oui be Smart Funny and Black

Oui Be Negroes in Shadow
Oui Be Negroes
is the brain child of Artistic Director Shaun Landry and Director Hans Summers. Both Landry and Summers worked together for years with the Underground Theatre Conspiracy, and had thrown around the concept of an all African American Improvisational troupe, which would be geared specifically toward social/political humor.

Unfortunately this was the eighties...and finding African American improvisers back then in Chicago, was like finding mail that was not burning on the South Side of Chicago.

In 1993, Landry actively went seeking Negroes and ran upon them at the Second City Outreach Program There she assembled a fine cast of improvisers and mounted a show at Cafe Voltaire Chicago.

Several shows at Voltaire, Sheffield's Improv Olympic and the Turnaround Theatre later, Oui Be Negroes has come to be known as the ORIGINAL African American Improv/Sketch Comedy Troupe in the Country. The Negroes has traveled to several festivals and has performed all over the country (from New York to San Francisco) for black history month!

In 2000 The Negroes Moved from Chicago to San Francisco and makes their home on the west coast!

Check out The Oui Be Negroes Performance Page for upcoming shows and Bookings with Negroes!

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